Programm: 2021

E.A.T. x Zurich: Longue Durée

Swiss Life Arena, Zürich, September 2021

E.A.T. x Zurich


More information is coming soon

The theme LONGUE DURÉE originates in January in Zuoz with live-streamed performances, walks and discussions, which you can join online at any time. It then develops in the spring and summer in real-time events at the Kunsthalle Zürich, in the Emma Kunz Grotte, at the Centre Culturelle Suisse Paris, at the new Swiss Life Arena in Zurich and continues in autumn at the Serpentine Galleries in London.

E.A.T. goes on a journey — literally as well as mentally.

Of course, we always adhere to the COVID protection and hygiene concepts specified by the respective health ministries.