About E.A.T.

Engadin Art Talks (E.A.T.) is a forum of art, architecture, design, literature, and innovation that regularly takes place in Zuoz in the Swiss Engadin valley. With a year-round public programme, E.A.T. aims to connect the arts with its neighbouring disciplines through insightful presentations, panel discussions, and participatory happenings that respond to urgent themes of our world. The forum's intention is to find novel perspectives on relevant topics that define our present and shape our future.

The correspondence between the members of the Crystal Chain, a group comprising twelve architects and artist established in winter 1919 by Bruno Taut, provides a theoretical basis for E.A.T., as well as the theme of the first event in 2010. After the First World War, the members of the group wanted to develop new ideas and utopias, and thus establish the foundations for an architecture of the future. The medium they used to communicate was a chain letter in which ideas, drafts and drawings were circulated and discussed under pseudonyms. Their aim was to foster belief and community symbolically through (imaginary) ceremonial buildings.

E.A.T. was founded by Cristina Bechtler in collaboration with Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Advisory Board

Nina Baier-Bischofberger (architect)

Chris Dercon (Managing Director of Fondation Cartier)

Grażyna Kulczyk (founder of Muzeum Susch)

Hans-Jörg Ruch (architect)

Rolf Sachs (designer)

Kenny Schachter (artist)

Not Vital (artist)

Giorgia Von Albertini (Director of Hauser & Wirth St. Mortiz)

Cheyenne Westphal (Global Chairwoman at Phillips)

Engadin and the Arts

The Engadin region is renowned throughout the world for its magnificent scenery, winter sports and the glamour of St. Moritz. What is often forgotten, however, is that the Engadin was always a prominent location for many writers, philosophers and artists who found inspiration through its surrounding, natural beauty.