Program: 2022

Matter and Memory

Zuoz/Engadin, 28-30. January 2022

E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks

Igshaan Adams, David Adjaye, David Allemann, Ann Demeester, Chris Dercon, Es Devlin, Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Benjamin Dillenburger, Johannes Gees, Margret Köll, Laurent Le Bon, Armin Linke, Kelian Maissen, Isabelle Mansuy, Camille Morineau, Andrew Morlet, Precious Okoyomon, Pamela Rosenkranz, Kenny Schachter


Join us for a spectacular programme full of inspiring talks, walks, performances & music in Zuoz in the beautiful Engadin valley. 

MATTER & MEMORY - this year’s theme - spans a range of topics from the relation of body and spirit, to sustainability, the various forms of memory and the articulation of time and experiences of remembering.

More details will be released soon.

Get organised and prepare your trip! Reserve your seats and your hotel room. You'll find recommendations below.


Cristina Bechtler, Daniel Baumann, Bice Curiger, 
Hans Ulrich Obrist & Philip Ursprung




Guided Tour at Muzeum Susch

Feliza Bursztyn. Welding Madness

Guided tour of exhibition at Muzeum Susch 
RSVP required here



all day


a film by Armin Linke, at Kino Hotel Castell




Covid-19 Testing Station
Exceptions are persons whose complete vaccination, booster or recovery was not more than 120 days ago.


Welcome and Introduction
Matter & Memory

Andrea Gilli President Community Zuoz

Cristina Bechtler Founder E.A.T.

Philip Ursprung E.A.T. Curator


Matter and Flow, a New Economic Vision

Andrew Morlet CEO Ellen MacArthur Foundation

with an introduction by Katharina de Vaivre, Managing Director E.A.T.


Bits & Bricks

Benjamin Dillenburger D-Fab

moderated by Philip Ursprung, E.A.T. Curator


Coffee break outside


Image Capital

Armin Linke Artist, Italy

moderated by Bice Curiger, E.A.T. Curator


walk to ON SNOWBAR


Spirit vs. Spirits at ON SNOWBAR / outside

Pamela Rosenkranz Artist, Switzerland

David Allemann Co-Founder and Executive Co-Chairman ON, Switzerland

in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, E.A.T. Curator


Lunch break at Dorta
by invitation only (show your blue bracelet)


ON Walk
guided walk of approx. 2.5 km

with Daniel Baumann, E.A.T. Curator


A Conversation

Es Devlin Artist and Designer, UK

in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, E.A.T. Curator


Kicking Dust

Igshaan Adams Artist, South Africa

moderated by Daniel Baumann, E.A.T. Curator


Conversation / Kleee 02 NFT Projection

Johannes Gees Artist, Switzerland

introduced by Nina Roehrs, Founder Galerie Roehrs & Boetsch, Switzerland


Coffee break outside


Book launch

C is for Curator - eine Arbeitsbiografie

a book about Bice Curiger /by Dora Imhof

Lost Islands and Flowers

Mireille Wunderly
introduction by Bice Curiger, E.A.T. Curator


Concert / The Tones of Orange

Margret Köll Historical Harpist, Austria

introduced by Bice Curiger, E.A.T. Curator


Vernissages around Zuoz


Kleee 02 NFT Projection
projection at the ice rink at Hotel Castell

Johannes Gees Artist, Switzerland

Kelian Maissen Interactive designer and Creative software engineer, Switzerland / USA

all day


a film by Armin Linke, at Kino Hotel Castell





Museum of the Future

Ann Demeester Director Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands

Chris Dercon President RMN – Grand Palais, Paris, France

Laurent Le Bon President Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

moderated by Bice Curiger, E.A.T. Curator


Ritual for Self Fragilization

Precious Okoyomon Artist, Nigeria / USA

moderated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, E.A.T. Curator


NFTism: The Last ‘ism’

Kenny Schachter Artist, Curator, Lecturer, Writer, Switzerland / USA

moderated by Daniel Baumann, E.A.T. Curator


Wrap Up and Goodbye


ON Walks
guided walk of approx. 2.5 km

in S-chanf



a group show at The Stable curated by Paola Foster

introduction to the exhibition and light lunch

Imi Knoebel Standing Paintings

an exhibition at Von Bartha / light lunch

Your Tree My Answer

an exhibition by Koo Jeong A at Villa Flor

NAKED - Andy Warhol, Gilbert & George, Ritsue Mishima

an exhibition at 107 S-chanf


Guided Tour at Muzeum Susch

Feliza Bursztyn. Welding Madness

Guided tour of exhibition at Muzeum Susch 
RSVP required here



Protection Strategy


To ensure the safety of all attendees and staff, we have recently updated our Covid-19 Protection Strategy.

In accordance with the latest measures issued by the Federal Office of Public Health, our upcoming event will take place in person by adhering to the 2G+ rule for the full programme of Saturday, and to the 2G rule for the shorter programme of Sunday morning. On both days, FFP2 masks are mandatory indoor.

Every attendee must satisfy all the below:

·      “2G” - Be fully vaccinated against or recovered from Covid-19

·      “+” - Possess a valid negative antigen test result (not older than 24 hours; self-tests are not accepted). Exceptions are persons whose complete vaccination, booster or recovery was not more than 120 days ago

·      Covid-19 certificate - Present a valid Covid certificate and negative result of the antigen test that confirm all the above together with a valid personal ID or Passport

·      FFP2 mask – wear covering nose and mouth when indoor


During the Forum

·      Indoor capacities are limited

·      Hand sanitizers will be available

·      Protective masks must be always worn (covering the nose and mouth) when indoor

·      Social distancing will be practiced

·      A Covid-19 testing station will be accessible at specific timings (see programme for more details)

·      Make sure to wear your assigned wristband throughout the weekend, to ease operations


Covid-19 testing station

A dedicated testing station will be available on Saturday morning from 9am until 10am.

Antigen tests will be available and covered by the E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks.

Please remember to bring your personal ID and health insurance card to get the test.

Prior registration for the test is necessary. All attendees will be contacted in advance to register.


last update: 18.01.2022


E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks
Hall at Plazz, Village Square
7524 Zuoz


By car
from Chur, Klosters Selfranga (car shuttle train)

Autoverlad Vereinatunnel
Tel. +41 81 288 37 37

parking possibility at the Zuoz train station


By train
Rhätische Bahn (RhB) via Chur and Tiefencastel


Hotel Castell
Via Castell 300
7524 Zuoz

+41 81 851 52 53


Hotel Crusch Alva
Via Maistra 26
7524 Zuoz
+41 81 854 13 19


Hotel Engiadina
San Bastiaun 13
7524 Zuoz
+41 81 854 13 19


Villa Flor
Somvih 19
7525 S-Chanf
+41 (0)81 851 22 30


Hotel Klarer
7524 Zuoz
+41 81 854 06 06


Gasthaus Krone
Via Cumünela 2
7522 La Punt-Chamues-ch
+41 81 854 12 69


Convict per giuventüna
Mareg 203
7524 Zuoz
+41 81 854 10 44
(preisgünstige Herberge)


During the forum you will have the opportunity to enjoy many other artistic initiatives and venues. Don't miss the chance to experience the following exhibitions, which are taking place during the Engadin Art Talks:


Chapel of San Bastiaun

Fundaziun Nairs

Galerie Andrea Caratsch

Galerie Curtins

Galerie Karsten Greve

Galerie Peter Vann

Galerie Tschudi

Galerie Urs Meile

Galerie von Bartha

Galleria Monica de Cardenas

Hauser & Wirth

Muzeum Susch

Schloss Tarasp / Not Vital

Stalla Madulain

Villa Flor

Vito Schnabel Gallery



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