Program: 2023

E.A.T. x Paris: Centre Georges Pompidou Paris

Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou, 17 October 2023

E.A.T. x Paris


Invited by the Centre Georges Pompidou, E.A.T. is pleased to host its satellite event in Paris, taking place on 17 October 2023 from 2 pm to 6 pm at the Salon du Musée, followed by drinks.

After the resounding success of our annual forum in Zuoz, Switzerland, with this year's inspiring theme of "Hoffnung? Hoffnung!", we cordially invite you to join us at E.A.T. x Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, where engaging discussions and captivating talks await you.

Being a multidisciplinary platform for private and professional individuals, the mission of E.A.T. is to bring together renowned thinkers from the creative and scientific disciplines to share their ideas and expertise while posing challenging new questions. The speakers featured in the E.A.T. satellite event have been carefully selected by our esteemed curatorial team, including luminaries such as Hélène Cixous (writer), Théo Casciani, (writer), Simone Fattal (artist), Trajal Harrell (Choeographer), Thomas Hirschhorn (Artist), Anna-Alix Koffi, (Publisher) and Stéphanie Bru & Alexandre Theriot (Architects).


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Interview opportunities prior to the event:
We welcome interview requests from the media. If you would like to speak to any of the invited speakers or nominating curators, please contact the E.A.T.-team.

Journalists receive free admission to the talks. Please apply for accreditation by September 29 2023.


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Possibilités d'interviews avant l'événement:
Les demandes d'interviews de la part des médias sont les bienvenues. Si vous souhaitez vous entretenir avec l'un des participants ou l'un des curateurs, veuillez contacter l'équipe de l'E.A.T.

L'accès aux conférences est gratuit pour les journalistes. Veuillez demander une accréditation avant le 29 septembre 2023.

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