‘Tactique’ by Théo Casciani consists of a fragment of a reading from the seventh chapter of ‘Maquette’, a novel to be published in 2024 by Éditions P.O.L. The project was first presented at Euralille (Rem Koolhaas - Oma) in October 2023, for an event organized by the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Extra! Festival. Now, the artworks will be shown during the E.A.T. X Centre Pompidou forum at Lafayette Anticipations in Paris, at the invitation of Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Text: Théo Casciani
Design: Quentin Vuong
Typography: Marie-Mam Sai Bellier
Photography: Joseph Kadow
Costume: Pierre Demonès
Translation: Gabriel René Franjou
Features: Rotor And Raja Chatila
Music: Vegyn
Creative Direction: Simon De Dreuille
Production: Cristina Bechtler, Christian Herren, Diane Moquet, Isabella d’Aprile, Daan Couzijn and Dayle Bechtler-Lustenberger.

For more information about the editions, please contact dayle@engadin-art-talks.ch.