Not Vital

Not Vital © Photo by Beny Steiner

Not Vital (b. 1948) is a Swiss artist based in Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Agadez, and Sent. He studied at the Centre universitaire expérimental de Vincennes in Paris. In 1974, he moved to New York City. Extensive stays in Italy, Niger, and Brazil followed. In 2006, the Fundazion Not Vital was established in the Planta Haus in Ardez. In 2016, he acquired Tarasp Castle, which, like “Parkin,” a sculpture park in Sent, also belongs to the Fundazion Not Vital. Numerous institutions have hosted solo shows for him, including the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris (1989), the Kunsthalle in Vienna (2009) and the Bündner Kunstmuseum in Chur (2017). Vital is interested in the intersection of sculpture and architecture; his artistic practice is influenced by his origins as well as his nomadic lifestyle.


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