Zilla Leutenegger

Zilla Leutenegger © Photo by Maurice Haas

Zilla Leutenegger (b. 1968) is a Swiss artist. She is known for her signature drawing style made up of clear, bold strokes and strong color accents. Dried trickles of acrylic paint tell the story of the drawing’s creation and are often incorporated into the picture. The artist habitually works simultaneously in her various mediums. Therefore, the works on paper and video installation can often be read as single scenes or chapters of a larger whole. The combining element between the various works is often a person, an object, a chair or a library. The artist celebrates single moments of every-day life, which develop an unexpected poetry when seen separately. Immediacy and spontaneity become apparent in every drawn line and projected plane with which the artist dissects a fictional life. Leutenegger's works have been exhibited internationally since 1996.