About the talk

Heji Shin offers an insight into her artistic work as a photographer and addresses the controversial discussions that her art triggers. With series such as “#lonelygirl” (2016), a group of photographs of a female monkey, or “XRays” (2018), X-ray images of herself, she discusses forms of self-expression. The series “Babies” (2016/17) shows explicit photographs of babies during their birth. In 2017, she created a campaign for the label Eckhaus Latta, for which Shin photographed couples having sex. Her exhibition at the Kunsthalle Zurich in 2018 also sparked controversy on social media. Shin presented large-scale portraits of the American musician and designer Kanye West, who had recently attracted attention for his provocative political statements.

“I wanted to appropriate homosexual culture as much as possible.”

– Heji Shin