About the talk

A presentation by Elisa Silva (architect), followed by a conversation with E.A.T. curator Philip Ursprung.

The 2024 edition of our annual Engadin Art Talks forum took place in Zuoz in the weekend of January 26-28 and was centered around the theme 'Jenseits von Ohnmacht - Beyond Powerless'. 

In a world filled with challenges, uncertainty, and sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles, feeling “powerless” often seems omnipresent. But beyond this powerlessness lies a vast space of possibility; a space in which we discover strength, regain hope and find the ability to act.

Coming from the fields of science, art, music, film, and architecture, this year’s participants offered a programme full of impulses, ideas, and conversations around the subject of 'Jenseits von Ohnmacht – Beyond Powerless'.