Program: 2016

Manifesta 11

Pavillon of Reflections, Zürich, 18 June, 4:00 pm


Pavillon of Reflections, © E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks



An E.A.T. Pop Up Event will take place on 18th June from 4 to 6pm „Cottage Fever“ statt.

The cottage is a founding myth of architecture – at the same time it is built in reality in the mountains. The cottage is a refuge and protection from wind and weather. But it is also a refuge for the spirit - a place where seclusion was celebrated again and again in the history of culture. At an Engadine roundtable architects, artists, cottage builders and inhabitants discuss about this and about cottage life itself.

Die E.A.T. Panels will be moderated by Philip Ursprung, gta/ETH Zürich, und Finn Canonica, Editor-in-chief Tagesanzeiger Magazin.


Mirko Baselgia | Hans Danuser | Andreas Fuhrimann | Gabrielle Hächler | Daniel Ladner | Zilla Leutenegger | Palle Petersen | Martina Tscharner | Nina von Albertini | and more...

Date and Time

Saturday, 18th June 2016
Location: Pavilion of Reflections auf dem Zürichsee
Entry close to Bellevue

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